Thursday, June 7, 2012

FREE Android App - Alcohol Roulette

Important!!! All players are supposed to be 18 (in some countries 21) years old !!!

Bored of drinking alcohol? I'm sure - not! But still it could be more fun, especially if you have friends with you. Our amazing App will help you! All you need is to have at least 1 friend with you.

1) All players sits around table and place phone in center of it, of course with running App on it.
2) Choose and place drinks in App(up to 14) and also fill up real shot glasses with same alcohol!
3) Press the left upper button and roulette will spin.
4) The arrow will show what you need to drink(it will be highlighted, so you don't miss it) and hand will show the person who must drink now.
5) When shot glass is drunk confirm it by clicking right upper button( how the hell, you think App will know that you have drunk it?) and spin roulette again!
Have fun!

P.S. It wasn't easy to complete testing this App and it took more then 5 try for me ;)

Link to google play:

Link to youtube intro

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