Sunday, June 24, 2012

Free Android Game - Jeweroll

Don’t you get bored of the games where you don’t have to think? How about training your brain and proving to yourself that you can, not only kill brainless zombies or launch birds at the specific angle to the sky? I assure you, your brain going to be grateful!

We introduce to you a new puzzle game that you won’t be able to complete at a stretch, of course if you are not a braniac. At the given moment game consists of 20 levels, but the quantity and difficulty will keep rising regularly. If you find those levels easy just wait, we already have ideas how to make even more challenging levels. And what’s more exiting? This game is free and will stay free, so don’t waste your time and download it now. Don’t waste our patience!
Rules of the game are pretty simple; you just need to place the jewels in the center of the screen just like it is shown on the right corner image. For that to happen, just press on one of the jewels and six jewels surrounding it will turn. Pretty simple, right? So why are you still reading this, go try it out and see how far you can get.



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